Sunday, August 21, 2011

Which ring do you want to focus on today?

My manager gave us a copy of the book "Juggling Elephants" during our last team meeting-- THANKS!

In the book, the writer equates managing our lives to being the ringmaster in a circus. The title comes from how we try to manage so mant large tasks all at once that it feels like we're juggling elephants. The reality is that it becomes an impossible task - and creates a poor performance.

As ringmasters we can only be in one ring at a time, be it work, family or self. Running from ring to ring only creates chaos. We also must decide, and this is REALLY important, on what acts we allow in our rings and which acts we must let go. Too many times we're guilty of taking too much on for fear of saying no. But the reality is that this can take away the focus from something else that's a lot more important. And, its not just about saying no. We can always say -- later. The option exists to always let that act in later in our lives.

After reading the book, I now ask myself at work-- what ring should I focus on? What act should be on now?

More to come.

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