Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beggining the journey...

To working on my CPLP Certification - Certified Performance and Learning Professional.

I've been wanting to start on this for a while, but having a toddler around makes it no easy task.  I've also come to realize that I'm really good at procrastinating.  I've even bought the book "The Now Habit" to get myself out of the procrastination habit -- but even that's been hard to keep up with.

I need to separate it out in small pieces:
1. Read "The Now Habit"
2. Make a certification plan -- how much will I study per night and read.
3. Make a plan to maintain my certification

If I think too much about the big picture it becomes overwhelming.  For now I need to do small bite sized pieces.

I know I can be great at what I do and all it takes is some focus!  And I hope that by keeping a blog I can keep a track of my progress on what will probably be a year long journey!