Friday, June 24, 2011

On Non-Procrastination Items...moving forward

I'm almost done with the book and started focusing on using some of what I've learned to make the time for couponing-- goal is to bring down that monthly grocery bill! Work on the house budget and start studying for the CPLP.

One of the hard things is that I have a toddler around which requires momma now! I can't just do the 30 minute blocks of time that "The Now Habit" calls to do when he's awake. I just can't say, "sorry honey, momma's got 15 more minutes of uninterrupted work to complete". Even writing in my blog is a feat. Currently we have "The Grouch Song" playing on Pandora as he plays with his "bolts" and tried telling me that his four bolts were "five!" And now Dada's home and they play fight for blankie.

Well time to manage the house...does running around after a toddler count in the 30 minutes???

Monday, June 6, 2011

Perfectionism causing procrastination? Fear of success?

The Now Habit has me thinking of why I'm such a procrastinator for certain things. 
The two biggies for me are:
"This project is big and important"
"I must be perfect"

He says that to be productive these need to be replaced with:
"I can take one small step"
"I can be perfectly human"

The need for perfection for me is the biggest one.  I almost freeze up at the thought of starting a project since in my head "it MUST be perfect".  Reading this book makes me realize that our well meaning teachers at PS 124 may have done us a disservice by repeating from K - 6th grade to us "Only your BEST is good enough".  Words that have been tattooed in my brain.

Telling a child to work hard is one thing, but it seems like asking for Only the BEST all the time was somehow twisted to mean absolute perfection.

And so we continue to the Guilt Free Play chapter...